Shelby's Super Summer Adventure:

Friday June 1  We set off for a 2 week trip east.  After a brief stop at Walnut Ridge RV Service Center in New Castle we were on our way!  We stopped for dinner at Wendy's just east of Ashtabula, OH, then we camped at Evergreen Lake Park in Conneaut, OH.  Shelby did 15 pull-ups on the monkey bars!

Saturday June 2  Grandpa & Grandma gave Shelby an early birthday present, a camera.  (Photos courtesy of Shelby Ann McCorkle)  We had a short drive to Sleepy Hollow campground near Niagara Falls, NY.  Shelby & Grandma swam in the lake, then we drove to Niagara Falls State Park.  We obtained a police patch for Mike, hiked the Cave of the Winds and saw Tarpin Point.  We drove to the Canadian side through customs; showed our passports & Shelby's birth certificate.  Had to exit the truck so the customs agent could inspect it.  Had dinner at Outback, walked along the Canadian Falls and rode the incline to watch the lights on the falls after dark.  We returned to the campground around 11 PM. 

Sunday June 3  We rode the Maid of the Mist into the Falls on the American side--it is awesome!  We ate lunch at the park, then drove along the Niagara River.  We stopped at a small park and saw the Niagara River whirlpool.   We toured Old Ft. Niagara and saw a muzzle-loading musket demonstration.  It started raining as we were leaving the fort.  We had dinner at the camper, then walked around the campground; we saw llama and ostrich at the petting zoo.

Monday June 4  Up early for the long drive to Cherry Hill Park campground in Maryland, just outside Washington, DC.  It was a pretty drive through the mountains, often off the interstate (a little nerve wracking for Grandpa the driver).  We had lunch at Taco Bell and arrived at the campground about 5:00 PM.  Shelby enjoyed swimming in the pool.  The campground is large and nice with a Metrobus stop right on the grounds.

Tuesday June 5  We caught the Metrobus into Washington, DC at 9:00 AM for a day of sightseeing.  We transferred to the Metrorail which was a fun experience.  We saw the Washington Monument, had lunch at a street vendor and had a personal 2 hour guided tour of the US Capitol and House of Representatives by Matt, Dan Burton's intern.  Matt is from Carmel, IN and a student at Yale.  We saw history in the making in the House and saw areas of the Capitol that the public doesn't see.  We visited the Air & Space Museum which also currently houses 150 of the most popular exhibits from the American History Museum which is currently closed for renovation.  After we returned to the campground, Shelby & Grandma went to the outdoor theatre where "RV" was showing.  It was just as funny the second time!

Wednesday June 6  Up early and to Union station via bus & rail; we are getting pretty good at our transfers!  We bought Tourmobile tickets and obtained a Metro police patch for Mike.  The tourmobile goes all around the city, including Arlington National Cemetery.  We visited the Jefferson Monument, saw John & Robert Kennedy's graves in Arlington, saw the presentation of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and changing of the guard--what an awesome experience.  We had lunch at a street vendor near the Lincoln Memorial, then stood on the step of the Memorial where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech.  We stopped at the White House Visitor Center as you have to request White House tour tickets at least 6 months in advance (which we didn't realize in time) and took pictures of the White House.  We toured the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We also saw one of the three existing copies of Magna Carta.  We then walked to Grandpa's cousins, Suzan & Chris, to visit and had a delicious dinner with them at Chef Geoff's in DC.  Suzan drove us back to the campground at 9:30 PM.  A long but fun-filled day.

Thursday June 7  Today is Shelby's day at the National Zoo.  We saw the Panda Cub and it's mother, cheetah, lions, tigers, orangutans, beavers being fed, and very active gorillas in the Great Ape House.  The gorillas were very entertaining and we sat for several minutes watching the antics of the adults and the children!  We had lunch at the Mane Cafe and got Mike a National Zoo police patch.  We returned to the campground around 5:00 PM and swam in the pool, which was much more crowded today.

Friday June 8  Drove to Williamsburg today, about a 4 hour drive.  We arrived at the American Heritage RV Park about 2:00 PM.  It is a nice park with a grassy site and a nice pool which Shelby & Grandma enjoyed.  We needed to restock groceries at Wal-Mart, so we ate dinner at Pizza Hut along the way.  A restful & relaxing day.  We watched the "Racing Stripes" movie Shelby brought.

Saturday June 9  We slept in and swam at the pool.  It is hot and humid today.  We drove to Jamestown Settlement which is celebrating it's 400th anniversary this year.  We had a nice tour with guides in authentic dress.  We enjoyed cooling off afterwards in the campground pool.

Sunday June 10  We arrived in Colonial Williamsburg late morning.  We watched an introductory film, then walked through the center of town, visiting the shoemaker, the Geddy House and seeing several reenactments.  Shelby played a colonial game and learned her courtesies.  We had lunch at the Cheese Shop and participated in the parade from the courthouse to Raleigh's Tavern to hear General Washington.  We returned to the campground in the early evening and swam in the pool.  Shelby is getting quite tan and blonde.

Monday June 11  Toured the remainder of Williamsburg this morning.  It is interesting that there are private homes among the historic buildings.  We drove the Colonial Highway to Yorktown and had lunch at River Landing on the York River.  It was a very pretty view.  We toured Yorktown Settlement and saw a cannon demonstration.  Shelby participated as an army member in a demonstration.  Shelby treated us to a conversation with "Kristen", a southern belle who was quite entertaining on the drive back to the campground! (see picture below) We swam in the campground pool again in the evening.

Tuesday June 12  Up early to drive towards KY and Shelby's surprise.  Grandpa & Grandma hope she won't be disappointed! Camped overnight at Fire Fox KOA in Milton, WV.  A nice campground with a really nice swimming lake; the water was clear and warm as bathwater!  Shelby & Grandma walked around the campground catching fireflies.

Wednesday June 13  Left the campground at 9:00 AM to drive to Kentucky Horse Park campground in Lexington, KY.  It is a very nice campground with level, easily accessible sites and reasonably priced.  They have a really nice pool that Shelby & Grandma enjoyed.  We walked around the campground, looking at campers and catching fireflies.  Another relaxing day.

Thursday June 14  We took the shuttle to the Kentucky Horse Park.  Shelby is VERY excited!  We saw draft horses then Shelby & Grandma rode horses, Shelby on Sequoia and Grandma on Alcazar.  We ate lunch at the cafe, saw some competitive events, saw the Mare & Foal show, Parade of Breeds, Home of Champions and Draft Horse exodus.  Shelby had a wonderful day!  We took the shuttle back to the campground where Shelby enjoyed the pool.  We had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Grandpa & Grandma walked around the campground while Shelby galloped around on her imaginary horse.  She fell into bed at 11:00 PM a very tired but happy girl!


Friday June 15  Slept in a little today, then packed up & headed for home.  Lunch at the Iron Skillet at a truck stop in Batesville, IN then on the Greenfield.  We dropped the camper at Heartland Resort and took Shelby home.  Not sure who was more excited, Shelby or her family!